Thank you for coming back to watch the third and last module of GCG training, provided for free for start-ups and other companies that are willing to accelerate sales growth and scale!

As we have seen in the first modules, the sales growth and organizational development are inter-dependent! We looked together at how we can chose a growth strategy, how we can segment the customers, at how we can organize the sales department and which KPI’s we could track.
In the third modules we will look further at sales and marketing KPI’s, and how we can organize the sales process and we will provide an example workflow.

Please enjoy watching it below!

And now, that you have come to the end of the journey, please make sure you note your priorities as recommended in the materials you have watched!

We are also offering you the possibility to join a Sales Growth Masterclass Workshop, if you want to discuss together with other participants and Mihai Guran the possible growth strategies and segmentation possibilities, what sales organization is most appropriate for your organization, which KPI’s you should track and what systems you could implement to help you – please register on this link.

From my many years of experience, working with more than 10 organizations only in the last year, as well as recruiting, forming and performing with sales and marketing teams of up to 150-200 people, all the times there is a personal solution for business development that must be implemented in order to accelerated the growth.

The solution you will adopt will have to consider what you have already done, the people you already have, the product and product marketing capabilities, the competitive environment, the resources you want to invest, your management, marketing, sales operations, enablement, recruitment capacity and the overall organizational development!

Please make sure you reserve your seat, this is the link for you to register!

Looking forward to meeting you soon also in person, the Sales Growth Masterclass Workshop will help you understand the decisions you need to make and allow you to have the first draft of your sales acceleration recipe!