Are you a start-up? Getting ready to conquer the world, but still working on developing your product? Not knowing too much about sales and marketing, how you should organize and get your company ready to sell?

Are you already a grown-up? Your product is ready, you already have a few customers, your business model is validated, all you need now is to organize and accelerate your sales?

Are you a company that is ready to scale? Do you have already signed several customers, you already have the first customers abroad? Do you have the first Seed or Round A funding from investors into your accounts, but your sales and marketing organization seems to need a fresh new look and ideas to accelerate the growth?

If the answer to any of the questions below is yes, then you might need to start investing some time in finding out more about the inter-dependencies between sales growth and your organization development. And then plan your changes needed in order to accelerate the sales growth.

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