General Offerings


Accelerating sales growth to levels of 80% to 130% per year will help your organization scale revenues 10x over 3 to 4 years.

It might sound far away today, but with the right resources (sales, products, services, marketing, channel, enablement, communication), tools, focused strategy and professional management it is possible.

Just imagine your revenues are 10x higher, how the organization will look like, and how you will manage it!

There is apparently no secret, seems quite clear more resources are needed, what else GCG can do?

All you just need to find the right amount of money and start investing into more sales people across the world that will sell more. Or not?

Indeed, using expensive sales people to do cold calling is not the most efficient way of growing exponentially. Even worse, if your organization might not have all the processes and tools in place you might find that the returns are lower than expected too late.

It must be better to start investing in marketing – enough money will generate many thousands of in-bound leads. Sounds simpler, but is it the right moment to do it?

Maybe not if customer segmentation is not right, if there aren’t enough sales and partners to close the leads, and if the products and services are not yet at world-class level – in such conditions it can be a waste.

Another option is to invest into the product, find an inflexion price point (or just position the lowest on the market), sell via on-line channel (minimizing the cost of sales), and let the profits hit the sky.

Well, any business school will teach that a price war has no winners in the long term. Even worse, dump your prices and many people will just get used to it, then will move to competitors if you will position differently.

Good, then the option left is to focus on the number 1 market in the world, concentrating all resources and applying an “America First” strategy. Not realistic? Indeed, so many American companies have learnt that, in order to be competitive, they need to expand and get market share from outside their home, capitalizing on what they did already for their first customers.

Maybe it is a little bit more clear now – with many years of experience in solving such dilemmas for corporations or start-ups, we will spend time with you and help you find an optimal solution for you to grow, and also assist your organization to adapt and execute the strategy.

The bad news is that this is not going to be simple and it cannot be done overnight, but the good news is that laying a solid foundation will enable the sales acceleration you only dream about today.


Mind Map – factors influencing business development and sales growth
© Mihai Guran, Guran Consulting Global SRL, 2018-19


Laying the foundation will require first of all an audit of your business with a focus on your sales organisation, products and marketing, following the points laid out in the mind map above. We will look at competitive positioning, the global landscape, evolution of the industry and we will help you find the right strategy for expansion and prioritise the first actions, considering also the amount of resources you have available.

If you need a refresh on your current image we offer branding and rebranding services -that can boost your company image to an international standard. We help you from the start with our starter packs and services in market research and analysis, for you to communicate with a competitive edge. Our social media management starter packets ensure that your team will be able to efficiently and successfully continue the communication.  

Also, we will help you plan what your organisation needs to get there – the right sales teams in the right place, the right channel partners, the right support organisation – sales engineers, internal and inside sales, channel sales, the business processes and the sales and marketing processes to help you measure, predict and manage the structure you will create.

As the organisation will grow along with the right number of new sales, marketing and other people, while the product and services offered are also evolving, you will discover that new changes will be needed – segmenting differently, specialising, implementing new tools, developing internal programs and processes to support your growth – a complex journey that you will have to take step by step.

Offerings for Start-Ups


For start-up companies we will look into the initial set-up of the sales and marketing departments including internal segmentation and customer segmentation, sales and marketing workflows and channel programs, market research including competitive analysis, an audit of the organizational capabilities, strategic development options assessment, considering available resources.

We will provide strategic recommendations, we will propose to you actions and we will help you prioritize, then we will assist you during execution.

Offerings for Grown-Up Companies


For grown-up companies we will perform an audit for the organization, followed by a provision of recommendations and technical assistance for sales and marketing development such as internal segmentation and organization of sales activities, synchronization between sales, marketing and product marketing functions, go-to-market model evaluation and changes, customer segmentation, development strategies and tactics, design of programs (enablement program, channel program), sales management coaching.

We will provide strategic recommendations, we will propose to you actions and we will help you prioritize, then we will assist you during execution.

Offerings for Ready-to-Scale Companies


For ready-to-scale companies we will perform a complete audit, followed by a strategic planning proposal and technical assistance in execution for accelerated growth and business development, at global level.

The plans will be covering sales and marketing organization including a revision of the process workflows, a competitive assessment, sales operations development recommendations including CRM systems implementations, analysts’ relations development, sales management coaching, business review planning, management of remote organizations, international recruiting, opening up of new markets.

We will provide strategic recommendations, we will propose to you actions and we will help you prioritize, then we will assist you during execution.